14. Why Kids Kill

Some thoughts and facts about the way the world is, who made it that way, and how we can change it if we want to.

The techno-toys we love so much have facilitated a society that is no longer social, we don’t even talk to each other. Without even thinking about it, parents give their children video games instead.

The news film shows the sidewalk where the teen was gang-raped or shot or beaten or stabbed to death. The crowd of “friends” are pushing each other trying to get on-camera. There’s a bulletin board full of notes to the dead, rows of cheap grocery store candles and flower bouquets, as the friends/survivors turn out to celebrate another murder. They celebrate this death, and now this person is a star on TV for a day or two. But he or she is lost forever from a mother or father or grandparent they may have meant the world to. Gone for good, for no good reason.

The others are already planning revenge– to get back at the rival gang, to get back at  the police for doing what they must, or to get back at parents they really don’t even know. Everybody thinks only THEY are right and everybody else is wrong. Nobody can be the only one that counts, that’s a no-brainer, but almost everyone believes they are, or ought to be. That’s the  mind-set we have inherited from the fantasy of  super-realistic video, we have unawarely come to believe that life is like that. The player controls the game. The only problem is, reality is not the same as a video game.

Monstrous tragedies are happening now in unprecedented numbers whenever the fantasy-mindset encounters the real reality that life is. Teens who point assault rifles at cops and just pretend to attack with deadly intent, get shot. Incredibly, everybody acts so surprised! And kids who shoot into a crowd at a party like they do on TV, kill people they didn’t actually want to kill, they just didn’t recognize that real guns really kill. And why do kids need such identical toy weapons that are indistinguishable from real ones? And what kind of parents are we that don’t bother to tell our children not to point a gun at a police officer? Instead, we are teaching them, for many hours a day, that this is okay and harmless and fun.

Troubled teens brood over things as teens have always done, but now there are familiar strategies and easily available weapons of every kind, making the murder of a whole class of first-graders seem like an appropriate  revenge for some slight insult or perceived rejection somewhere sometime. The grandest way to get vindication and also go out in a blaze of glory, guaranteed at least a week of TV news feature time. This surely is not a reality-based mindset. It may not have been caused by video games, but was obviously facilitated and inspired by them. This is a fact of modern life.

Life is not a game of fantasy, where nothing really matters and we can just push the restart button and erase all the death and destruction we’ve just gleefully done.  Yet we unthinkingly immerse ourselves and our children in so much violent fantasy, day and night, on games, movies, and TV, that we have become hypnotized and brainwashed with it.

It shows up everywhere, but the latest hot issue on the 10:00 News is police brutality. I don’t take sides on this issue, because that just makes it another political football, another kind of game where the “facts” are mixed with equal amounts of fantasy. The bright-red-bottom-line is: More fighting will never end fighting! How can we keep doing it? Are we as a species really that stupid?

This is much deeper-rooted than black and white, or any racial prejudice or teenage envy or jealousy. Those issues and injustices, and many more, are just the surface symptoms. Even if we could settle the individual cases, as long as we don’t pull out the root, there will always be more. Right now there is a massive hate-filled prejudice against police, because there are some bad ones. There are bad plumbers, bad dentists, etc. but the big danger in this case is that people are unthinkingly intent on crippling the police, who are the ones who protect the innocent, and try to keep the violent crazy ones from wrecking, burning and looting people who have done nothing to them. Breaking laws and doing random acts of destruction is not helping anybody at all! And treating all human beings who happen to be police officers with mass hatred and violent confrontation is not going to achieve the respect they say they are “demonstrating” for. In fact, anyone can see that they are doing exactly what they’re accusing the police of doing – racial profiling.

All this comes from the same root-problem: we have made ourselves (and our children more than ever before in history) numb and casual about suffering and death, and very nearsighted about reality, so that we don’t even care or notice violence or wrongdoing unless it’s to somebody we know, and then of course we are outraged! This is only supposed to happen to other people, who don’t matter, not to us!

This too is a product of the fantasy mind-set so many people are living in now. “All those other people aren’t real, only WE are. We deserve these rights, but nobody else does.” If you look at it objectively, there it is– that’s the truth of it. Even though any reasonably smart person can see that this is not going to work, too many of us don’t want to see, so we just don’t. We choose intentional blindness, intentional ignorance. We “ignore” it.

But when we finally see a glimpse of some injustice that we can relate to personally, we rush out into the streets to march and stop traffic and throw rocks and bottles at the police (whose impossible job is to protect us from each other) and for the cause of “justice” we smash and burn and loot anyplace randomly. How does that help the cause of justice? Violence and destruction of the innocent is no way to represent justice! That’s not justice, that’s mob rule. If we succeed in this quest to cripple law enforcement altogether, not just the offenders, but our own defenders and protectors (who are not perfect but all we have) mob rule will reign and there will be more and more senseless violence and murder “for fun” just as we learned in the video games our lives are now so clearly reflecting.

Very few of us are seriously trying to see through the other person’s eyes. And yet that’s the only way we can really know their truth.

If you, as an individual and intelligent human being, are blaming anybody for anything in your life, or if you think we can fix things by punishing “the bad guys,” (everybody else but you and your own) then don’t read any further, because you won’t like what this says.

Where are we going with all this, as a human race? How did we become so violent, homicidal, and suicidal? How did we get so isolated from reality and from each other? The short answer, the undeniable truth is: we CHOSE it. And we keep on choosing it. YOU chose it. The responsibility can’t be denied. Everyone who allows violence, rape and murder into their home, their minds, and their children”s minds through video games, movies or TV shows, is responsible for this. No excuses.

The truth is, you and I as individuals are the most important factor in determining what our world is today and what it becomes. We as adults influence all children’s and associates’ mental and spiritual health and outcome much more than we realize. What we allow, or simply ignore as unimportant, is creating the kind of world we would not really want if we woke up and realized we are doing it.

Many people (TV ratings say the vast majority) enjoy the grotesque inhuman violence and grisly bloody pathological mass murder plots of all those crime shows. We find these horrors amusing and entertaining. Commercials too. Crazy stunts of reckless driving in this car will make you smart and stylish. This kind of law-breaking will make you More of a Man. All of  this is absurd, but it sells cars. We are idiots to fall for this, but most of us unconsciously do, because we are living on auto-pilot or cruise-control and we don’t even think about it.

We don’t think; that’s the problem. We live vicariously a fantasy life through highly sophisticated electronic toys and tools. We do not live consciously or mindfully. Then we just do whatever we see on TV, and that has become normal to us. It’s time to ask ourselves, Where are we going with this?

If your personal values do not lust for violence, hatred, murder, and insanity, then stop embracing them. Simply STOP watching; change the channel when the commercial comes on; don’t buy the product. It costs you nothing, not even time, to do this. Don’t allow violence and hatred and murder and insanity into your mind, your heart, or your home. Don’t give your children toys and games with constantly repeating vivid images of violence and hatred and murder over and over again, to play with.

Children’s and young people’s minds are still forming. Kids are like sponges– taking everything in, learning what’s “normal” and what’s “right.” They are biologically in the process of forming their lifelong character and their personal code of ethics and beliefs. As adults, our job in the world is to help them learn and grow in a way we believe will give them a good life. Please don’t unintentionally or unknowingly teach death and destruction to anyone, especially children and young people. Please take this seriously. They are the future of our world. Please THINK as you make choices for them and for yourself.

The level of violence has risen terrifyingly in one generation, and children are bullying, raping, and killing each other at school and in the streets as never before in human history. The suicide rate for teens keeps climbing alarmingly. This is how we, the current  generation, have created this world we live in. No number of police can control this, when the seed of violence is so deeply implanted in virtually all young minds. They will act accordingly, they cannot do otherwise. The only way this can be changed is by changing the common mind about what is the accepted “normal” of human society.

Wake up and see the “elephant in the room” that everybody’s trying not to notice,  and then you can do something about it. The worst thing you can do, the thing that will feed the monster and help it grow, is to do nothing.

It’s not that we don’t have good minds; we all do. When we make a solid decision stop accepting violence and death and destruction as “normal,” and teaching that to our children– then crimes will begin to go down;  violence will decrease, bullying will decrease,  suicide rates will decrease; wars will begin to decrease, and some day might actually end. The reason we have wars in our world is because most of the people want war, and the rest of us tolerate it, or believe that war is appropriate or unavoidable. You don’t have to be one of those people. You have a choice, and a voice.

We have created our world by our beliefs and our actions upon them. If we change our awareness and change our minds, the actions will naturally follow, and the world will change.

You are an individual and spiritual being, and you have been given the power to create the life you really want for yourself, your children, and the people who matter to you. You don’t have to follow the crowd just because it’s easier. It’s not really easier when it creates a life and a world you don’t want.

Whatever you choose, whatever  you hold in your thoughts and beliefs whether consciously or unaware, the universe will unfailingly deliver and manifest. This is the primary law of the universe; it’s how the universe works. If you are saying now “Oh that’s just a lot of B.S.” be assured, the laws of the universe don’t care, they will work the same way regardless, whether you acknowledge them or not.

Our global world desperately needs an “attitude adjustment.” Wars don’t work, and the focus on violent force as the solution to everything has generated riots in the streets and chaos in the midst of peaceful demonstrations. Some people, not even from the protest group, seize every opportunity to destroy and loot and burn for the thrill of it, for the fun. As a nation, we surely  ought to attempt to change that mindset. No amount of bigger prisons and no quantity of police officers can do that; that can only happen one mind at a time.

Take a moment now to think about it. Are you living consciously?

Consider this: You always have the power to change your mind. Your mind is 100% yours. Nobody, and nothing, has access to it, except as you allow them to. You can and do choose what you allow, but only if you awake and aware that your choices whether conscious or unconscious, matter.

This is our first and most important responsibility as citizens and as human beings, because whatever you allow to influence your mind, is shaping your life, right now, and ultimately it shapes your actions and your world. By who and what we are, we create the world we live in. Take this responsibility seriously. Change your mind and you really can change the world.

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