17. The Burden of Light

Life is more profound than just the surface part of it that we see with our eyes and perceive with the five physical senses, more vast and more complex. We are always given the choice to seek and find a deeper life than we yet know, but relatively few of us will do it, because the inner self of us knows that it’s easier and seems happier to just let life happen, without too much thought or investigation.

“Ignorance is bliss.” The old saying goes, and it’s true, but it doesn’t refer to any lack of intelligence, but rather the choice to not look too deeply at life. (i.e. ignore-ance.)

I have always thought that these words in the Bible, attributed to Jesus the Christ: “Many are called, but few are chosen” has gotten misquoted somewhere along the way, with the many retellings and translations of the original stories. I think what Jesus the teacher would have said was probably more like: “All are invited, but only a few accept the invitation.” Jesus was Jewish, you remember, traditionally known for hospitality, so when he said “all” he meant all. And he also said, “My yoke is heavy, but the burden is light.” The burden, what he carried, was Light, don’t you see? He was a Bringer Of The Light (of understanding God). Those who accept the invitation, all of us, are also bringers of the Light, as He was.

The yoke, I think, is the knowing, the wisdom. The more we learn and the more our souls grow from living our life, the greater is our responsibility to bear that knowledge forward in whatever work we are given to do.

And as we learn, it will become harder to enjoy life simply, when we know that there are others who are in sorrow, who are hungry, who are in pain. We can never be quite as happy in the same way we were as children, when our hearts were child-hearts and we didn’t know what wars were, never wondered what death might be, and never imagined anything like old age or illness. We ran joyfully through sunny days and skipped down our neighborhood streets to play and grow strong and be beautiful, and that was our only job. I know I can never return to that same joy, and yet, I know I can never lose it either. I carry it with me always; it is the true authentic nature of my soul.

One Response to “17. The Burden of Light”

  1. anotetohuguette Says:

    Hi! So nice to stop by and read your lovely post (and thank you to Nikki for the invite to her summer Meet & Greet) I particularly liked your thoughts/memories of childhood, I carry that joy with me still even if real life tries to muddy it up!

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