20. Hungry For Life

It has been said, and I believe it’s true, that we are spiritual beings having a physical life. But it’s not a vacation.

We come here both to teach and to learn. There is a reason for everything, and in everything that happens, there is a lesson. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t. Either way, some of it still gets absorbed into our worldview by a part of our consciousness, and the way we have known our world changes. Like a kaleidoscope, with every turn, the colorful little pieces shift and tumble around each other, and the pattern changes and changes and changes.

Life is not supposed to stay the same. When we think it is, we’re probably not paying attention. We are sleep-walking in a dreamless sleep, while life goes by unnoticed. This too is a choice we have, to each his own way. And it is true that ignorance is bliss. It’s easier, and some say happier, to not think too much, and not need to know. There’s much less stress, very little challenge, and it’s pretty safe living under a rock, “Happy as a clam.” But too much bliss is always an unexplored life, bland as vanilla pudding. It’s perfectly happy for some of us, but boring for others. Some of us are drawn to harder things, greater things, somehow.  We’re hungry for life. We engage with life. We seek it and it finds us.

Those ones of us are often called, even by our best friends, “different.” We tend to take on more challenges, we have more victories and more defeats. We love more, we usually hurt ourselves more, and we make more mistakes. But we have the best, most interesting adventures, and we learn marvelous things along the way. We have more problems, more joys, more life.

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