29. Not For Women Only

The Women’s Marches and the the ME TOO movement are an unexpected and historic surge of women speaking up and taking action. They have exploded some  critical issues of our time into full view, with firm demands for legal consequences. These women won’t shut up and “just take it” anymore. The victimization of “the weaker sex” o so many levels, and the ignoring of it by the Good Old Boys clubs in every profession, starting at the top, are being called to account. These women are kicking butt & taking names, and toppling giants like dominoes in a row.

As more women claim their right to equal respect and equal pay, we all discover that women do have power. In the past we fell for the standard lies: that women should not have power or choice, and were wrong to want any. That women should always defer to men in important matters. This and all the other lies we were taught in childhood, both boys and girls alike, will continue to hold us hostage unless and until we see the truth, claim it for ourselves, and go for it. That is what’s happening now, at a time when humanity desperately needs a new paradigm.

Wars don’t work. (Look at the history of humankind and get a clue.) We profoundly need a different way of problem-solving, instead of just endlessly problem-bashing with bombs and weapons of destruction. The abuse, rape, and exploitation of the Earth’s environment are the result of this same principle, the bully boss who feels entitled to take more than his share of everything. This is a leadership style that has reached the end of its usefulness to humanity, and now has crossed the line from abuse to destruction. We now know that we MUST go another way, or else we are committing suicide/murder of our planet, and along with it, we will put an end to God’s experiment here with the creature of free will.

All of this boils down to a few critical individual and societal choices: between responsibility or careless greed, between ethical leadership or abuse of power, between divisiveness & isolationism or compassionate partnerships worldwide. This shows up in every area of life, from the lowest paying jobs to the presidency. What you do, and what you say, matters more than you realize.

For women, the greatest breakthrough in history is emerging right now, the discovery of a rigorously concealed truth: we have a choice. We don’t have to be what our parents told us, we don’t have to believe what they believed. We can and must weigh for ourselves the value of ideas, decide what is true for us, today, now, then choose the best ones and discard the lies. Because in this life, what we believe is what we receive.

When we change what we believe, we change the world. It is changing now, but there are millions of people still swallowing the relentless flood of lies coming from the entrenched powerful few, and because the lies are so frequent and so loud, the brainwashing has been very effective subconsciously,  even on normally intelligent people, who turn a blind eye to the most ridiculous lies simply because, as my sister in her tiny Texas town puts it, “Everybody in town does.” Unless we think deeper and more awake than that, we are being unknowingly influenced and controlled, and the cost of not-thinking is becoming more than the earth or humanity can pay.

If you, woman or man, have been bullied or wronged without defense or recourse by the-powers-that-be in your world,  if you have been physically, psychologically, or sexually intimidated, shamed, abused, or taken advantage of,  or taught to believe it’s your fault, or that you have to just take it and keep silent, that was a lie.  We can tell the truth now. Stand up and say it: Me Too. In so many ways, but not anymore, and never again.

The MIND that lives in any size, color or kind of body, CAN have the skills and talents of an NFL running back: “not the biggest, but smart, strong, quick, and agile” which is a pretty good definition of the female mind, with the bonus X-factors of extraordinary perception and intuition. Why not USE those valuable resources to get some respect and integrity back for ourselves and our country?

With the rise of social and politcal involvement, courage, grit and commonsense of women, huge steps are underway. Follow them. If you are a man who really wants justice, don’t buy-into the power-people who lie the loudest. Don’t quietly allow the powerful to drain your individual strengths away, or nullify them, or forbid your voice to be heard. Women and men, trust your own mind. Trust your own heart— it knows what’s right. Stepping out of the shadows will be scary at first, but do it anyway. You are in good company.

Strong women and honest men of America, get up and stand up for the turth. We are really only one species on one very fragile and beautiful little planet. The reality, the Real News: This is all we have, and we are all in it together.

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