30. The Path: Life After Life

When my dearest, nearly-lifelong best friend developed Alzheimer’s and left us all behind, it was so hard, so painful for all of us who loved her. We were many, and we loved her so much. She was the most joyful person I ever knew, and always the first one up the next new trail. She lingered here with us for years physically, but was gone from us in every other way. When at last she passed away gently in her sleep, in a way it was a sweet relief. Even though we cried for ourselves, we didn’t cry for Lynn. She was free again.

We all knew it- she had outrun us, as she usually did. She was free to explore other adventures and discover new trails, as she had always loved to do. She had always been the one out ahead of us, joyful trailblazer in life. She still is, just on a trail we can’t follow as closely now, but someday will. Vaya con Dios, hermana de mi corazón.

Along my way I have learned that God/ Spirit/ Universal Consciousness doesn’t like Why-questions. But there are some things that even though I can’t understand, still I have begun to make some sense of, and stop struggling to figure everything out.

I have come to believe there are some things we simply are not given to know. God knows, and watches out for us, I can see the proof of this in my own life. But God, whatever that is, also allows us to blunder if we choose to, and wander off the path, and stumble, and even sometimes fall hard as we are learning to run, but never lets us stray too far. If we lose our way, or if we hunger for a greater challenge than this life holds, God can always call us home. Then in the morning, we begin again.

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