32. Courage and Faith

There is a basic universal law that is always invisibly working in our lives, whether we know it or not, and even when we are totally unaware, and here it is: “What we believe, is what we receive.” This is the winner’s edge, and the loser’s self-defeating curse, because we can only be that which we are willing to dare to believe we can be.

In every aspect of life on earth, courage is the difference-maker. That, and the commitment to hold onto our “foolish”  faith, sets every impossible dream into forward-motion.

“Nothing is impossible, if you have faith.” Jesus said that, among other radical ideas that got him in trouble. He was telling the truth. That’s exactly what he and other great teahers and messengers came here to tell us about – the power of faith. Even a little faith. (If you want to move mountains though, I recommend more than “as a grain of mustard seed.”) The greater the faith, the better the outcome. But faith is not easy. It requires courage.

If your heart and soul truly, passionately desire something “impossible,” don’t play the odds. Go for it, all out.

Believe anyway. Impossible is just a word until proven otherwise. I’ve done some impossible things in my life. (yeah, seriously. even me.) They turned out to be not impossible, just really really hard. If you believe you can, or if you can even let your self believe you might, all bets are off. The power of the universe gets behind that. If you can dare to believe you can do it, you will.

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