36. Believe Anyway

Even though it’s true that every life will have some stumbling places, dark passages, and challenges to grow through, the most powerful factor and the most profoundly hard-to-believe truth is that Life responds to our held-beliefs. That’s the catch-22 that our parents never taught us, because they didn’t know.

Most of my adult life, I’ve never asked for what I really wanted because I believed I didn’t deserve it. If I prayed for it, I did so as a meek unworthy supplicant, not as a fully entitled child of the Most High, my Father God. I think that one reason why our prayers for other people often are more successful than prayers for ourselves, is that we dare to ask earnestly for their sake, in trust and faith, believing that they deserve it.

Jesus the Christ said,”Whatsoever you ask, believe you have received it, and it shall be yours.” The catch is, you’ve got to somehow dare to believe you deserve it, even if you don’t. He tells us to believe that even before you ask, the gift is already set up, ready to go, with your name on it. In this physical world, that seems absurdly unrealistic. You have to hold your secret wish in your heart with all your strength, and yet release it, toss it into to Life/ God/ the Universe, then relax and trust that “it’s on the way – no problem.”

But wait a minute – If “The Force” is always with you, why don’t you always get what you want? Because God/ Life/ The Universal Consciousness/ etc. always works to bring about what you are actually believing, and is not fooled at all by what you’re sayng.

This process is real, eternally active, and it’s a gift to you, a life-law that you can use, then you’re free to choose the life you really want. By all means, do whatever you have to do to believe in it as being rightly yours, begin to live as if it were so.

Whatever you hold in habitual belief, life will habitually deliver to you. But be careful of what you are believing unaware, in the dark corners of your mind, for it is not harmless. All lies, when you believe them, are as powerful as the truth, because you are holding them as your truth.

Faith works. What we believe, we will receive. We often fail to have faith in the best things of life is because there’s always so much ugly “physical evidence” to the contrary on the 10 o’clock news. These are real people’s lives, yes, but if you find yourself more blessed, don’t feel guilty, feel grateful. Do what you can to help where you are, but make your choices different from the individuals on the news. It’s that simple, and that profound.

Search out, shore up, and call forth the hidden strength that’s in you. Have the courage to believe in your own life, and in your Self, no matter what the odds are, and no matter what other people’s lives are. You’ve got to be willing to believe that God thinks you’re good enough, even if you’re pretty sure you’re not. You’ve got to make up your mind, and then, as stubbornly determined as a four-year-old, Believe Anyway.

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