44. The Real News

Real News, July 5, 2019: “God rains on Trump’s parade, as California earthquakes steal his headlines.”

Why do so many people object to Trump’s self-glorifying military parade? Because politicizing the military is dictatorship 101. That’s why past presidents have respectfully declined taking a central public role in July 4th celebrations. Trump claiming ownership and associating himself with the power of the military is what Mussolini did, Hitler did, Stalin did. What Kim, Xi, and Putin do.

Just like Trump, Hitler took extreme advantage of a brand-new media, and flooded it with emotional propaganda messages. The miracle-new media was radio, and the public was as immersed in it as we are in social media now. He denied any truth, like Trump does, “Fake News!” he said, and eventually took over control of all public media, and there was no longer any independent news, just his.

Flash-forward to 2019. By now he whole world has noticed, and mentions in their news, that the only people Trump shows any respect for are the world’s most murderous dictators. He wants desperately to be like them, and be in the Big Boys Club.

In the rise of Adolf Hitler. You will see, step-by-step, Trump following Hitler’s playbook, including openly violating laws, suppressing the legitimate press,  mounting an extreme battle against the truth, calling it “fake” over and over, drilling it into the subconscious, burning books and Bibles and other views that opposed his. Trump precisely mirrors Hitler’s promising greatness for the pure race, and quick solutions. “The border problems are all the Democrats fault, he shouts tothe camers, I clould clear it all op ib a week… (if only everybody everywhere did what HE wants.) In America, that’s not the way we do it. 

A documentary on KQED said “Hitler promised the people everything they needed, and they were mesmerized by his violent loud rhetoric, endlessly repeated simple lies, pounding them into the people’s minds.” (Sound familiar?)

”Simple answers for complicated problems, Hitler promised he could end all problems” and decent but desperate people believed him, and stepped into his trap without realizing it until it was too late to disagree, and they and their family would be killed if they spoke against Him. Just like Trump keeps firing people or forcing them to resign when they reach the point where they can’t or won’t  lie as much as he commands. Trump has destroyed (what is it, 45 so far?) political careers. He has wrongly, illegally imprisoned tens of thousands of innocent people seeking refuge to escape the brutal dictators who have taken over their home countries. So far, Trump’s commands have only a killed a few, mostly children.

Trump promised midwest family farmers he would help them, and then he caused thousands of them lose everything they had worked for all their lives, with his China revenge-tariffs, that cut off the soybean farmer’s normal international market so that their crops had to rot in the fields. Then Trump shut down to Federal government for 35 days, so that they could not even get loans to try to save their farms that had been in the same family for many generations.

“At first, on the surface at least, it did seem to look like he was getting things done.” Again, just like Trump. “The “economy was thriving” which meant the same thing as it does today– the rich are getting richer. The rest of us are not. I am retired, and my income is tiny. Yet with Trump’s claimed “tax break for everybody,” for the first time in my life, I have had to pay MORE when I filed my 1040. Everyone I know, at every middle and lower income lever has had to pay more.

Just like Trump, Hitler promised to make Germany “the greatest country in the world.” He did, in a way. He gave Germany a permanent place in history as the country of the greatest evil ever perpetrated upon humanity.

Trump’s version of HIS “Great” America does not match mine, and does not match the morals and principles of most Americans or any decent people worldwide. But he is making his dictatorship a reality, in spite of everything and everyone. He has committed outrageous crimes and violated or circumvented any and all laws by simply “doing it anyway” and if opposed by the Supreme  Court, he continues doing it, and issues an “Executive Order.” He insists that he has the right to do anything he wants, and ignore all law, especially the Constitution that every American President is sworn to uphold and protect.

So Trump, in Hitler-like fashion, this week placed himself at the center of an expensive and inappropriate celebration of military war-power, instead of respect and appreciation for those who have served our country, many with the cost of their lives. He carelessly spent our tax money (he won’t reveal how much) plus 2.5 million that he simply took from the National Parks’ budget.

He gave a lifeless, bored and boring speech of simplistic slogans, in which he appeared to be depressed and heavily medicated. He referred shamelessly to the military heroes of history as “we” (even though he never served in any way, and had in fact been a five-time draft-dodger, and with his father’s money and power, managed to avoid any military service of ANY kind.

if you still don’t see it,  look again at the history of the rise of Hitler and Mussolini and the Nazi takeover. We can be pretty sure that Trump got an F in history, since he said in his parade speech that “We” (the American Revolutionary fighters, which did not include him) “beat the British by taking over their airports. We took their  ramparts.” (?) “We did what we had to do. We took their airports.” 

What kind of a mind is this, that does not realize that there were no airports in 1776? No cars, no telephone, and no twitter? Yet he said it not once, but twice. What kind of a mind is this? Is this man even remotely fit to lead anything? Let alone a formerly Democratic country? I want my country back.

So after God rained on his parade, and the major news organizations opted not to  send any reporters to cover it, then 3 major earthquakes (in California, the state he hates the most, gobbled up the headlines on all national and international news media. TV too, said virtually nothing, except that he had a parade and the turnout was “disappointing.” And it rained. They ran about 2 seconds of some person’s cellphone video. The crowd was thick at the very front, the VIP section, but of “real people. only a sparse few in a grassy field watching the monster Jumbo-Trons. You could just barely see Mr. Trump through the slime and rain-smears on his specially-made massive wall of bulletproof glass.

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