48. Shelter in Grace

There is a global shift going on. It’s been coming for thousands of years, and here it is. There were other world-changing shifts, like World War I and World War  II.  Times when all of us were forced to make hard choices about who and what we wanted to be as a human species. Worldwide tragedy, loss and suffering drew us closer together, heart by heart, in spite of everything. Now, that closeness is harder, but we have come too far to abandon ourselves or each other.

Our stories have created our world. What will our new narrative be? Will we still be blind-sided by techno-toy video images and “virtual” (but not real) worlds in which mass murder is casual and violence is what everybody naturally does? We have allowed some terrible things to happen. Human societies and systems worldwide are crashing and falling apart. We are now being given an incredible opportunity to rebuild our world in a a better way, a world that works for everybody, not just a few. Now as you shelter in your quiet place, there is time and space to think about it.

We will have to choose very soon, and the outcome is up to us who are not fooled, not asleep, and not hypnotized by the loud, rude, false, cheap-shot Tump propaganda we are now struggling to get thru. Wake up, get up, and get out of the quicksand of the “not me” delusion. You are making a difference one way or the other, whether you know it or not. Please know it, and choose what you want. Don’t let your world be just somebody else’s default.

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