55. Mask Facts: the Ugly Truth

The truth, not compromised for political or economic reasons. First of all, and most crucial: GET VACCINATED. Refusing the life-saving vaccine is simply insane. Are you refusing to protect your children from polio and whooping cough and other killers and cripplers too? Why would you do that to any innocent child?

It is urgent to STOP SPREADING COVID-19 with masks that are cute and stylish but LEAK infection freely in and out, and are nearly useless. Most of the people who are doing this, do it unknowingly. On every newscast almost everyone, victims and and reporters alike, are wearing loose, sloppy masks that do not stop viral spread. IT’S IN THE AIR. DON’T YOU GET THAT? If air gets around the edges of your mask, the deadly virus is doing that too. Always. You probably ARE spreading the disease unaware.

What masks work? Medical-quality N-95 or triple-filter surgical masks that fit flush to your face, every millimeter of its edges. (This is NOT an advertisement!) Please communicate these Mask Facts to everyone you know, everyone on your F-book friends list, and everyone in your email address book. Read the webpage and share the link. Do it today. Do it right now. Take a few minutes to save a few thousand lives. Take 2 minutes to learn what works and what doesn’t, and why, so you can make your personal choice.

We have the ability, have always had the power, to stop the pandemic. But ignorance and carelessness (and sadly, political power-games) have kept the infections alive and well and freely spreading. Now it’s attacking the children most of all.

I was a practitioner of Emergency Medical care for nearly 30 years, as a former firefighter paramedic First Responder for 8 years and ER Technician caregiver in a busy hospital emergency room for 20 more. Please trust me. Please read the web page and then send the link to everyone, and ask them to send it to everyone else they can. It’s time to stop being casual and careless about this deadly disease.

GET THE VACCINATION, WEAR A MASK THAT WORKS. STOP KILLING PEOPLE CARELESSLY WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. You can stop the virus. You can stop the killing. Please, please, stop it.


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