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Change your mind, and you change your life.
Speak your mind, and you will change the world. 

I used to think blogs were silly and egotistical.  I’ve changed my mind. Whether we like it or not, blogs and “social media”are the first truly free communication media.  For better or for worse, any idiot can speak his/her mind, and any gifted individual can share his/her wisdom and experience with anyone else who happens to find their blog. Blog-wisdom doesn’t require credentials, college degrees, or life/work experience.

Some blog essays have value and wisdom akin the philosophies of Emerson and Thoreau, those philosophers of early American transcendentalism. But then, their readership was local (at least during their life times) while Blogs have the capacity to reach hundreds of millions of readers, world-wide, right now.

Like all freedoms, this one has its dangers – Stupidity, bigotry, and hatred also have this same open channel. Any mean-spirited crackpot, pedophile, racist, psychopath, religious zealot, cult leader (or anything else you can think of) can also have their say in print.

Words are powerful; they evoke thoughts and emotions, which are even more powerful, because they evoke actions, and create profound influences in our lives and our world. I’ll say that again because it’s the essential and basic premise:
Our thoughts and emotions create our choice of actions and/or inactions, which will create our lives and our world.  

Yesterday I read a friend’s blog post about the new violent and lawless image of The American Hero, now celebrated by TV news and entertainment, which is almost the same thing theses days. Mass-murderers are made famous and treated like celebrities for weeks after they are dead, fron suicide after their grand finale ego-drama. Endless awarms of weekly crime and violence TV shows.  Recklessly insane driving is promoted on every car commercial, and murder and cannibalism is thought to be cute for selling kids cereals.

I also read the comments, (as these usually follow  blog entries) which treated the subject very lightly, referencing movie and TV bad-guys they liked or didn’t like, not because of their brutal murders/mutillations/etc. but for their “style” in doing it. (ie. who’s cool and who’s cooler.) Some suggested that these killer-personalities were not really being seen as heros, just “protagonists” and therefore the unthinkable horrible bloody things they did were okay. And cool. And normal.

It made me think to myself, and comment, “Well I’m glad somebody finally noticed, and actually said something about it.” Then I thought, Why don’t we DO something about it?

Finally the spring of 2018, after another horrible teen massacre-for-no-real-reason, a bunch of high-school kids did something about it themselves. They marched. They posted. They tweeted. They You-tubed. They got onto the TV network news. They took on the repsonsibilities their parents and grandparents had simply ignored. They said, and said it loud: We don’t want this. Violence and murder are not normal and okay. The social media expolded.

We can do something about the way the world is, one block at a time, one family at a time, one friend or Town-Hall or PTA meeting at a time, and yes, even one person at a time. You can do something to generate some decency, honesty, humanity and caring, instead of just ignoring all the blind hate and killing. You have a voice and a platform. If you care, don’t just sit there. Say something.

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